Fernando Fevereiro Mendes photo

Fernando Fevereiro Mendes

Partner at Focus2Comply

Fernando is now co-Founder and Partner at Focus2Comply. More than 36 years in the field of Information Technologies. Last 15 years dedicated to Management Systems, specially Information Security and Business Continuity. Security Auditor accredited by the Portuguese National Security Cabinet (GNS - Gabinete Nacional de Segurança). BSI ISO 27001 registered auditor. APCER ISO 27001 Lead Auditor. Accredited BSI tutor for ISO 27001 and 22301 full range of courses. ISO 31000, ISO 27xxx, ISO 22301 expert. CSA Star Auditing certification. ICOR Certified DataCenter Expert and Tutor. PKI expert. CT163 Secretary (Portuguese Technical Commission 163, following ISO-IEC/JTC 1/SC 27).