Hugo Duarte de Sousa Batista e Guinote photo

Hugo Duarte de Sousa Batista e Guinote

Subintendant in Public Security Police, Chief of the Division of Public Prevention and Proximity

Subintendant Hugo Duarte de Sousa Batista e Guinote has 39 years old, held various operational Police Stations and teach in the Master Course in Police Sciences for 7 years in the Police and Security Science Institute internal.


Currently heads the Division of Public Prevention and Proximity, in the Operations Department of the National PSP Directorate, which has, among others, the responsibility to guide the national PSP strategy for Crime Prevention and the most vulnerable groups such as young people (coordinating the Safe School Program in PSP), the elderly, the disabled or victims of domestic violence.


It is also the focal point of the PSP for various committees and international committees such as the United Nations Committee Against Torture or the National Commission for Human Rights.