Miguel Garcia Menéndez photo

Miguel Garcia Menéndez

Vice-Presidente, Corporate Governance & Strategy at CCI, Industrial Cybersecurity Center

A pioneer in the promotion of digital accountability among business leaders, this two-decades career veteran joined the Industrial Cybersecurity Center (CCI) in late 2014 as VP, Corporate Governance & Strategy, to bring the “cyber” message to the Industrial Sector’s directors and officials.

Miguel’s first job was in the steel industry as Head of MES & HMI at an engineering firm located in the North of Spain, where he promptly became CIO. This let him know, first hand, the problems bound to Information/Operational Technology integration.

He has been also a consultant, auditor, lecturer and popularizer, in management consultancy firms, universities and forums from which he has helped others to fulfill their “digital | cyber” obligations within their organizations. Today he defines himself as a corporate reality analyst (observer).

You can follow Miguel’s professional interests as well as his musings and recommendations via his Twitter profile, @MGarciaMenendez.