Vasco da Cruz Amador photo

Vasco da Cruz Amador

Founder and Managing Director of Global Risk Awareness

Well experienced in counter surveillance and counter intelligence with a vast experience at the field. Managed risk management Projects worldwide with a special emphasis in Africa, mostly in hostile environments. Former Team Leader of a Clandestine Unit. Played an active role as Intel Analyst for 2008 Angolan elections, as well as TL for 2010 World Soccer Cup in South Africa, mostly developed in Cape Town.
Expertise: Surveillance, Counter Surveillance, Terrorism.
Founder and Managing Director of Global Risk Awareness, a Cyber intelligence company gathering information from protected Deep Web and social media sites and delivering intelligence by collating and analysing it against an extensive database in order to provide intelligence to support our clients decision making processes.
Expertise with Social Network Analysis, the cutting edge statistical and mathematical analysis that is focused on uncovering the patterns through people's interaction.